a recurring dream
jon gorman
california kids
jonny was a little red horse
capri martinez
lark in the morning
capri martinez 2
laveta colarado
marin custom metal
cobalt dream
movie theatre setup
crazy carlos
dangerous stranger
myself and sal
daniel hart
nate tucker
day in the life
night in denver
death destruction mayhem
dream at work
sam shepard and my girlfriend
eve or eva
sergei putzikov
girls beware
she packed a gun
got so upset
sold herself as sexy
steal my kalamazoo
he took up with a younger girl
terry and keith
heather julip
that was kind of bad
i'm really very terribly sorry
they fell asleep in peace
i bought a car once
tom lives off unemployment
i flew to denver
tomorrow the horses
i slept with his sister
too young to burn
it took him 38 days
white barber black barber