Sonny’s 100 Records Vol. 1, 2, & 3 are all out today via Polyvinyl Records! They all come on limited edition colored cassetete + MP3 (see above) while Vol. 3 is also available on limited edition white vinyl (see below).

They’re all available right here from Polyvinyl:
Vol. 3 is on iTunes here:

You can also stream Vol. 3 in its entirety on Consequence of Sound right here:

More about Sonny’s 100 Records Project

In 2010, during his residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts in Sausalito, Calif., Sonny took on the task of creating 100 fictitious bands and writing songs for each, an undertaking he dubbed the “100 Records Project.” 
Smith invented band names and song titles, then spent the next year recording singles for each of his 100 imaginary bands. Not stopping there, he also invited notable visual artists — including Chris Johanson, Esther Pearl Watson and William Wiley — to design album art for each.
That same year, the 100 Records Project was first shared with the public at San Francisco’s Gallery 16. The art exhibit, which was highly praised by critics and fans alike, allowed visitors to play all 100 songs on a homemade jukebox and view original prints of the album covers.